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Does "know your numbers" make you want to slam your laptop shut?

I hear you. Sometimes it's easier to turn on season 2 of Bridgerton and pretend they don't exist.

But (real talk) getting familiar with your data will make marketing your business a whole lot easier, simpler, and waaay less stressful.

That's a promise.

Because when you know your numbers, you know what's working. And what’s not. And you can use that to help you put your time, money, and energy where they’ll have the most impact.

By the way, you don't need to know all the numbers. Just the most important ones. (And, you'll be able to find those in a matter of minutes after I tell you what to look for.)

Want to tackle it together? This Reach Calculator has a step-by-step walkthrough video that tells you where to find each number, and what to do once you have them.

Don’t just market more.

Market better.

Don’t just market more.

Market better.

Hi, I’m Ally, a marketer who kind of hates the marketing industry.

I founded Akari Digital because I was tired of watching people sell “secret sauces” and “one-size-fits-all” formulas for growth— when I know there’s no such thing.

The way to scale is to figure out what moves your audience, then get really good at doing it. And the way we do that is by collecting and interpreting your data and turning it into a strategy that a) moves the needle and b) you actually like.

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